Upgrade for digital Nomads


Digital nomadism has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. More and more people are working from anywhere in the world, needing only a laptop and an internet connection. Being mindful of this has become increasingly important, as this freedom has also brought some challenges. In addition to a lack of boundaries between work and leisure, constant staring at the screen can lead to headaches, eye pain, concentration problems and sleep disturbances. One solution to these problems is the use of special glasses with blue light filters. This way, the digital nomad can enjoy his freedom despite screen work!

What are blue light filter glasses?

A pair of blue light filter glasses is like specially designed for digital nomads. They are specially designed to filter artificial blue light when using digital devices such as laptops, tablets, TVs or smartphones. These glasses are equipped with especially to reduce sleep disturbance, concentration disorder, headache and discomfort.

What are the advantages of glasses for the digital nomad?

Glasses for the digital nomad offer many health benefits. For example:

Reduction of eye strain and prevention of eye problems that can occur from constant use of digital devices.

Reducing the risk of headaches and eye pain

Improving concentration and productivity when working on the computer or using digital devices.

How to choose the right glasses for the digital nomad?

If you're a digital nomad, you'll need glasses that meet your needs for comfort, style, and functionality. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right glasses:


An important factor when choosing glasses for the digital nomad is comfort. You should wear glasses that sit comfortably on your nose and ears and don't cause pressure points. A flexible and lightweight frame design is advantageous in this regard. Our glasses are made of flexible Mazzucchelli acetate. This can be adapted to your face shape. So the optimal fit is guaranteed.

Eye protection

A good pair of glasses for the digital nomad should also offer sufficient eye protection. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time in front of digital devices, as blue light from these devices can strain your eyes. Choose glasses with a high-quality finish that blocks blue light and protects your eyes. In addition to the blue light filter, our lenses are anti-reflective and won't alter your color perception. This is especially important if you're in creative design professions.


In addition to comfort and functionality, style should also be considered when choosing a pair of glasses. Eyeglasses should fit your personal style and enhance your appearance. There are many different frame designs and colors to choose from, so you should take your time to find glasses that are a good fit for you.


It's important that your glasses are also functional for your needs as a digital nomad. Glasses with anti-reflective lenses can help reduce glare that can occur when working on digital devices. Glasses with a progressive glass lens can also be beneficial for a digital nomad, as they provide a smooth transition from near to far vision.


Last but not least, budget should also be considered when choosing nomadic glasses. It's important to choose glasses that meet your needs while staying within your budget. However, it's worth spending a little more for a high-quality pair of glasses that will last and meet your needs. We've taken care to create the perfect middle ground of price and quality by choosing the best materials, but working with great manufacturers who can offer lower prices. Thus, you can afford different blue light filter glasses for different outfits.

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