Blue light filter glasses for PC work

Blue light filter glasses for PC work - how PC glasses with blue filters can bring well-being to the entire body.

Do you know the feeling of being completely groggy after a long day spent mainly at the PC? Usually it's the eyelids that get heavier and heavier in the early evening hours. Many office workers also suffer from headaches and their attention level drops considerably. A considerable part of this phenomenon is due to the blue light that is continuously emitted by digital devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Glasses for the PC that are equipped with a filter are able to sort out the blue light from the field of vision. We can provide you with such PC glasses that eliminate blue light and help you feel more comfortable in your everyday life. Find out here how blue light is filtered in PC glasses and what options we offer you with such glasses.

Blue light - the secret danger from the screen

The notorious blue light is a wavelength range that is part of the light spectrum. It is located at 380 to 500 nanometres and emits bluish light. Blue light has a high energy and is short-wave.

This is why blue light should be filtered out by glasses for the PC.

These negative effects of blue light make PC glasses necessary

Blue light causes melatonin production to be curbed. The sleep hormone is normally responsible for making you tired. The reduction in the hormone keeps you awake. However, the blue light continues to have an effect until the evening hours, which is why you may have difficulty falling asleep.

PC glasses with a filter can help you get a good night's sleep. Use blue light PC glasses, for example, when you check your emails on your laptop or tablet or read something on your mobile phone before going to bed.

PC glasses with a blue filter also improve your ability to concentrate. Since the PC glasses filter the blue light directly on the spot, you can already notice an improvement when working at the PC.

The blue light filter in the glasses you wear on your PC, smartphone or tablet takes the pressure of a possible headache off your forehead. PC glasses with a filter that eliminates blue light can help you get rid of headaches, eye pain or migraines before they start.

How PC glasses with a blue filter work

The blue light filter in PC glasses is found in the form of a coating on the lenses. When the bluish light rays come into contact with the glasses lens, they are reflected and bounce off in a similar way to a mirror.

The models available in our shop filter 100% blue light up to 400 nanometres.

PC glasses with blue filter in fantastic designs

Worried that PC glasses with a filter might look strange? Don't worry - we offer you the blue light glasses for the PC in an extensive selection in chic designs.

The high-quality filter coating is so precisely crafted that it is barely noticeable on the lens. Choose from casual and elegant glasses that match your look and allow you to go about your daily life as usual.

Has this little excursion into the world of blue light made you curious? Save your health now and choose your PC glasses against blue light!