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The professional world and private life have changed. Screens characterize our everyday life and can not be imagined without them, neither at work, nor in communication with friends and global acquaintances. But this means that your eyes are exposed to the harmful, high-energy blue light of the computer for a large part of the day. We have the solution! Our blue light filter glasses for computers are easy on the eyes and increase your well-being. These are glasses without prescription, so of course you can wear them as a fashion accessory and complete your outfit trendy. At the computer, the glasses are helpful against the blue light, which without a special protection penetrates unfiltered into your eyes and leads to headaches for many people. Try it and discover how the glasses help at the computer through the filter and how refreshed your eyes are even after an eight-hour workday at the office.

Stylish & practical glasses at the computer

Blue light promotes eye fatigue, headaches and a deterioration of the general condition. Most people working at the PC suffer from eye pain and headaches several times a week. Even migraine attacks are not uncommon and mainly affect people who pursue their profession in the office at the computer. With the fashionable, comfortable and practical glasses, blue light is filtered at the computer, making a positive contribution to your health. Why do the glasses work at the computer? What kind of filter is it? And how do the glasses work on the computer?

First of all, the blue light filter glasses for the computer were developed by digital natives for digital natives.

Why is that important? Because the functionality is not theoretical, but secured in practice. At the computer, the glasses are convincing against blue light and ensure that you spend the end of the day without eye fatigue and a stinging headache.

The advantages of wearing our glasses on the computer are related to their safe function and trendy design.

You have good eyes and don't really wear glasses? At the computer, the filter is your eye protection and the design of these glasses ensures that you wear a real fashion accessory.

Screen work strains your eyes and causes you to be exposed to a large amount of harmful blue light every day.

Computer glasses against blue light:

  • protect your eyes, preventing headaches, eye damage and eye fatigue
  • ensures a restful sleep because you don't strain your eyes unnecessarily
  • looks cool - even if you don't wear your blue glasses only at the computer

Why you should buy blue light filter glasses for computer at lightia

You get a great, field-tested product at a great price. Within one month you can use your right of withdrawal, if you are not convinced or if you don't like the glasses. Choose your design and find the computer glasses that effectively keep blue light away from your eyes and match your cool style. The delivery will be made immediately after the order is received and does not involve any shipping costs. You can pay as you wish, for example with PayPal, Apple Pay or credit card. To ensure that your computer glasses against blue light arrive reliably and safely, we work with competent delivery services such as GLS and DHL. At Lightia you can shop safely and be sure that you will love the computer glasses with filter against blue light.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you how easily you can relieve your eyes from computer work!