If your glasses don't fit or you don't like them - don't stress! You have 1 month to send them back to us. Just get in touch with info@shoplightia.com and we'll send you a return label.

Once we've received the return, we'll check it and you'll get your money back using the payment method you selected during purchase.

Angular face

If your forehead, cheeks, and chin are evenly wide and your jaw is pronounced, you have a square face. This means that your face usually looks more distinctive. Glasses with round frames & lenses go best with your face shape. They soften the severity of angular facial features. BrooklynHenry und Cat probably look particularly good on you – they flatter a square face. Angular frames will emphasize angular faces. That's why we don't recommend them for this face type. You can of course make an exception if you want a strict, distinctive style. In the end, each face is very individual.

Heart-shaped Face

If you have a wider forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a narrow, rather pointed chin, your face can be described as heart-shaped. You can wear almost anything. Naughty. Angular frames and lenses that widen towards the top may give your face even more contour. You are particularly flattered by glasses with oval or round frames and lenses. In addition, pay attention to delicate frames to round it off. The gaudier and wider the frame, the more your heart shape is underlined. Jamie & Ray could look good on you!

Oval face

Does your chin and forehead appear rather narrow and your cheeks are more pronounced, making your face appear longer than broad? Then the name for your face shape is typically “oval”. So actually everything suits you. Even the heart-shaped faces get jealous. Just make sure that your glasses aren't oversized or very small. Fortunately, we have placed value on average when it comes to the size of our glasses. Let yourself go in the Shop! 

For quick cleaning in between, we provide you with a cleaning cloth with every pair of glasses, which you can easily take with you in your glasses case. So you always have perfect vision.

However, if your glasses are really dirty after many hours of protection, you can clean them as follows:
The best way to clean your glasses is to hand wash them with clear, lukewarm water and a drop of hand soap. Water temperatures that are too hot (for example in the dishwasher) and aggressive cleaning agents could damage the coating on the lenses of your glasses. After you've rinsed the glasses thoroughly, dry them with a soft, clean cloth. Otherwise you'll do the job twice!

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer prescription glasses. But if you just love our models and would like to equip them with lenses that meet your medical needs, you can of course do so. Since we only use high-quality acetate and metal, every optician can offer lenses for our frames.

If you made a mistake in your order - no problem at all! As long as we have not sent your order, you can cancel individual items or an entire order. Simply contact the boys from customer service. The refund will be made using the original payment method.

Usually your glasses will reach you in 3-5 days. As soon as an order is dispatched, you will receive a tracking number. If you haven't received your order after waiting 5 days, contact the boys from customer service !

Our glasses are available in all European member states.